Ways to Use Social Media for Voice Acting

Without a doubt, social media platforms are among the most popular and effective ways by which people on the Internet find information, discover new products and services, and connect with one another. Social media for voice acting or any other business has transformed the way people search for and utilize a variety of products and services online.

If you are a voiceover artist, working on your social media presence can help you in many ways. Highlighted below are some suggestions on how to make the most out of a social networking service as a voice actor.

  1. Expand your network through social media platforms.

As social media is created for people to connect with others online, it has also proven as a good way for businesses and skilled professionals to expand their networks. Thanks to Facebook, you can create a separate page as a voiceover professional where interested people can ‘follow’ you and possibly transact with you. With LinkedIn, you can edit your online resume and connect with people in the same industry you belong to. And just like Facebook, Twitter allows you to ‘follow’ certain personalities in the voice acting field, and they may choose to follow you back too.

  1. Establish your genre and your brand via YouTube.

Social media for voice acting is also about cementing your brand and increasing visibility. One way to do this is through YouTube, where you can create a demo channel. To improve online presence you may also link your channel to your existing website or your account in other social networking websites. YouTube is a great platform for attracting prospective clients and for having your voiceover work known on a global scale.

  1. Stay updated through social media for voice acting.

Because expanding your network also means getting access to real-time updates and recent information, it will be easier for you to keep abreast of anything related to the voiceover industry. Whether it’s the latest recording equipment or available voice training and improvisation classes in your city or neighboring areas, these postings can be head through social sites all over the Web.

While there are some cons in using social networking sites, such as time consumption and its inability to compensate for bad marketing, its advantages are nonetheless worthy of note. Social media for voice acting can work, but only if you are also willing to put in some work yourself. At the end of the day, it’s going to be whether your clients — online or offline — get what they need out of the voiceover work that you do.



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