Voice Maintenance Tips for Voice-Over Talents

Some people are born with exceptional voices and the innate ability to act, making them natural voice actors. But in an industry that demands vocal quality, acting ability, and versatility all at the same time, talent is just one factor.

As someone who has worked in the broadcasting and voice-over industry for over 15 years, I can offer you the following voice maintenance tips: 

Be Mindful of What You Eat or Drink 

Since you will be using your voice the entire time during a recording, you have to be careful about your food and drink choices. Certain beverages like coffee, tea, and even milk can either dry your mouth and throat or contribute to mucus formation. The caffeine in coffee and regular tea usually results in mouth dryness, and although you may not notice this, the “dryness” can be audible during recordings. Milk and sugary juices can increase the presence of mucus in your throat, something which is not advisable when you’re working as a professional voice artist.

The Importance of Rest and Exercise 

Sleep and rest are two of the most vital pillars of overall health. In fact, you can tell by your voice when your whole body is feeling sick. If you want to be a reliable and professional voice-over talent, or a professional in any career, health is something you will want to prioritize. If you can let go of your smoking habit, please do so. Next to rest, exercise is should be a clear priority for voice actors. Vocal exercise or practice is essential, but physical exercise is just as important. When you feel physically well, you are bound to have better lung power, vocal abilities and improved confidence.

Hydration Is Everything 

The last thing your client will want to hear is a wispy, dried-out voice that fails to make any script come to life. To keep your throat and mouth from drying out, make a habit out of hydration. Drink lots of water and stay away from caffeinated beverages. A handy tip in lubricating the mouth a few minutes prior to recording is to munch on a green apple. 

If you want to be successful as a voice-over talent, you need to be able to maintain your voice. Practicing your voice is just as important, but there’s nothing to practice if you don’t have healthy vocal chords to begin with. By taking care of your voice, you are actively taking responsibility for the positive direction of your audio recording career, no matter who or what company you work with. 

Voice-overs are definitely serious business. If you’re looking for a voice actor for your next Spanish voice-over, look no further. Get in touch with me as early as today!