Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

Victoria’s voice has been described to be many things at once — warm and energetic, friendly and smooth, sensual and casual. Yet, one truth stands out: the compelling quality and simple versatility in her voice contributes to her ability to tell the right story.

Not only is this seasoned Spanish voice-over talent known for her natural articulateness, expert voice control abilities and genuine acting ability. Victoria’s wide-ranging experience in broadcasting has earned her impressive listening and speaking proficiencies and a natural delivery punctuated by a normal pace and a certain brand of vocal confidence not found in many freelance voice artists today.

These commercial and narration audio demos are a testament to Victoria’s exceptional vocal qualities and immense creativity. With her excellent people skills, having worked in the broadcasting industry as a producer, director and voice artist, she’s more than ready to take on any Spanish audio-recording project from any industry and start working with you.

Feel free to check any of these demos at your convenience and see why you don’t have to go anywhere else for your next Spanish voice-over project.

Victoria DeAnda: the compelling voice that sells.