Hiring a Voice Talent: Why Experience Counts

Nowadays, some inexperienced voice actors are able to land audio recording and voice-over jobs, thanks to the Internet and its many conveniences. In the same way, any company or business that requires voice-over talents for commercials, video productions, and narrations will easily find more than a few voice artists offering their services online.

Yet, with my extensive background in broadcasting, I have seen several recording projects go awry simply because the company chose the wrong voice-over talent. While these voice actors are clearly talented in terms of voice quality and acting, many of them are simply not cut out for the job. One of the most common reasons for this is the lack of practice as experience really counts when hiring a Voice Talent.

The Need for a Versatile Voice 

Most amateur voice talents specialize in a specific vocal style when doing voice-overs, whether it’s a booming voice, a sexy voice, or a more formal vocal style. While this is great for certain types of projects, most companies require a talent who can bring any copy or script to life through a distinct yet versatile voice. Only the more experienced voice-over artists are able to accomplish this without sounding unnatural or unsophisticated. Given that veteran voice actors have already gone through countless recordings, it will be easier for them to adapt to a certain style or multiple styles as required by the project at hand. 

A Voice Talent Who Can Improvise 

Experienced voice actors are not afraid to follow their instincts and improvise where needed. They can get creative too, as they see fit, without overlooking the importance of enunciation, pacing, word stress, and many other technical requirements. As I have already discussed in another blog post, it’s not enough to hire someone who can narrate clearly and effectively. In any voice-over project, it’s more important to find someone who can speak and act at the same time. Those who have been voice recording for some time know how important it is to stick to the requirements, but they are also confident enough to initiate creatively, specifically when the project calls for originality and panache. 

Flexibility and the Ability to Follow Directions 

Finally, any recording or narration job requires a talent who can follow directions and instructions. A professional voice artist knows how important it is to perform without ignoring the all-important instructions. This ability to follow directions also is closely tied to the ability to listen well. A seasoned storyteller will be able to detect mistakes and correct them as needed and to anticipate instructions throughout the progress of the recording.

While there are many amateur voice actors in this industry, the advantages in working with an experienced voice-over talent are clearly myriad. As a veteran in an industry that requires exceptional vocal qualities and acting abilities, a seasoned voice artist will undoubtedly be more confident, and this confidence will show in each recording or voice-over project.

With my vast experience in voice narration and voice acting, culled from my more than 15 years experience in media and broadcasting, I have developed the skills required from a professional voice-over talent. If you’re looking for professional voice-over services in Spanish, contact me today and let’s get started on your project straightaway!