How to Use Facebook Ads for a Voiceover Business

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for business owners, especially those in the voiceover industry. With over a billion users, you can reach many people you wouldn’t otherwise.

For those of you already on Facebook marketing your voiceover business, you may think a business page is all you need. Unfortunately, while it’s a free tool for marketing, it’s ineffective for most business owners. Facebook recently changed their algorithm, which limits business page reach. This means your posts will not receive the exposure you want to grow your business.

The reason Facebook has changed the way they use business pages on the site is because like all of us, they want to make money. They want to drive people to their Facebook ads opportunity and away from the free use of a business page. This is why you should use Facebook ads to promote your business in addition to having a page.

Ways to Use Facebook Ads

You have options when using Facebook ads. You can promote your business Facebook page to drive people to it and like your page. This brings attention to your page, increase engagement on it, and maybe drive people to your site if they see something that spikes their interest while on it.

The other option is to use Facebook ads to promote your website. People who see your ad will click on it and land on your site. It bypasses your Facebook page entirely, so keep that in mind if you decide to do this type of ad. This works for many voiceover artists because they have their portfolio on their website.

How to Create Facebook Ads

You create Facebook ads right from your business page. On the right-hand side of the page, you will see a section where Facebook is advertising their Facebook ads. Click on the one for either the business page or website. When you do that, you will be able to create a title for the ad, upload an image for it, and then a blurb to entice people to click. Below that, you will need to choose your audience. The more audiences you choose, the narrower your reach. This can work well if you know the specific audience you want to target. If you don’t, it’s better to be a little more general. With time, you’ll be able to fine tune the audience selections to increase conversions.

The last part of setting up your Facebook ads is to select a budget. The minimum is $5 a day, and Facebook will give you an idea of how many people you will reach with the ad for that budget. You can adjust the amount you use towards your ad at any time.

Before you head over to Facebook, there’s one more way to use Facebook ads, which will lead people to your business page. You can boost a post. If you find that a post on your Facebook page is performing better than usual or you want to show it to prospects, you can click on the button on the post to boost it. You can then go through the same steps as you do for regular Facebook posts.

Exposure is key to growing a business. Try Facebook ads to see how well it will work for your voiceover business.