How to Control Your Mind When Working as a Voiceover Artist

The mind is a powerful thing. You have probably heard this saying before, but voice over artists know the true power of the mind when they have to work while dealing with personal issues. Emotions and thoughts can be huge distractions when working as a voice over artist. As much as you know you need to focus on the script you have been tasked to complete, your mind can work against you the whole time. It may seem like there is not much you can do about the mental turmoil while working, but the truth is that you can try some of these tips to help you refocus on your work.

Let Yourself Think

The more you fight it, the harder it’ll be to let it go. When you’re having a difficult time concentrating on your work, the best thing you can do is stop and think. Allow your mind to deliver the messages it wants to without becoming frustrated over the interruption. Once you have the message, you can try comforting yourself by saying, “It’s something that needs to be taken care of later.” Many people can say something like this to themselves and then be able to pick up their work and move on with it. Give it a try the next time you are faced with a mind that will not leave you alone.


One of the reasons you may not be able to focus on your voice over work is your mind is focusing on too many things at once. To slow your mind down and help it focus on just one thing, such as your work, try a meditation session. All you need is a quiet place and 5 to 10 minutes. Sit down in a chair or on the floor comfortably. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Count your breaths until you start to feel much more relaxed. Once you feel yourself letting go, use your ears to listen to what is going on around you. Whenever a thought interrupts you, consider it, and then tell yourself, “Okay, let’s move on.” If you’re having a hard time getting to the relaxed state or focusing on the present, try a mantra such as “Om…” or “Calm.” Repeat your mantra in a low voice, which can help slow down your mind.

Learn more about how meditation can help you with your voiceover work in Meditation: How It Can Help Your Work as a Voice Over Artist.

Take Action

Your thoughts usually make you feel as though you have to act. Instead of resisting the urge to take care of something that is bothering you, go ahead and do something. If you cannot take care of the whole situation, just choose one thing you can do, and do it. You will likely feel much more at ease when you have appeased your mind with action.

It Is Time to Refocus Voice Over Artist

Try these tips the next time you are feeling as though you cannot focus on your voiceover work.


Meditation: How It Can Help Your Work as a Voice Over Artist

There isn’t enough good things you can say about meditation. People have been using it to improve their life for centuries. It’s not only about mental health, but it’s also about physical and emotional health. Since meditation is so helpful in so many ways, it carries over to helping you with your voice over business.

The Benefits of Meditation

To understand how meditation can help your voice over business, you must know what the benefits are to your mind, body, and soul.

  • It can lower your stress levels.
  • It can prevent the effects of aging.
  • Meditation calms you, so you can feel less tired.
  • It allows you to appreciate life much more.
  • It grounds you and helps you connect with the world around you.
  • It can make you feel happier with yourself and others.
  • Meditation can improve your brain functioning.
  • It can help you improve your sleep.
  • Some people report that it helps them lose weight, and research finds that it can improve your metabolism.
  • It can also increase your immune system functioning, which helps you fight diseases and illnesses.
  • It can help with focus, concentration and attention span.

As you probably can already see, there are many benefits that can relate to your voice over work.

Meditation Benefits as a Voice Over Artist

Think about your work as a voice over artist. Many times, you have to connect yourself to the audience the work will be presented to, and to do that you must be in touch with not only yourself, but with those people. You have to remain calm, and find your inner peace. That way you have no distractions keeping you from realizing what you need to deliver.

That calmness that you need only comes from being in touch with yourself and the world around you. It comes from having a great night sleep and being healthy. Your best voice over work only comes from a place where there is no other worry to intrude upon your skills.

With your stress levels so low, you’re able to have that focus you need to perform. You can become that voice in every way possible, and do it for much longer than usual because of your improved attention span.

Doesn’t that all sound just perfect for your work? You could do more work and be better at it. This could send your business to new heights.

All you need now is to learn how to do it.

How to Get Started with Meditation

People meditate in many ways. The following are just some of the ways you can start meditating to experience its benefits.

  • Sit quietly with your eyes closed in a quiet place. Listen to your breathes as you inhale and exhale. When a thought comes into your mind, hold it for a moment and then let it slip away. Do not worry or ruminate over it. Just let it go. Do this for 15 minutes and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Sit quietly with your eyes closed and play some soothing music. Listen to the sounds intently. Just allow your body to relax as the music plays. When your mind wanders, gently self-talk yourself back to the present moment in which you are listening to the music. Do this for 15 minutes. After a few days, try to increase the time.
  • Sit outside and listen. Listen to the birds chirping, the nearby children playing, and any other sounds that are around you. Try to smell the flowers or other sweet smells of nature. This type of meditation helps you be mindful of the world around you, something that we all had as children but have lost with the busyness of life.

Try these out today. It may take a few days before you really experience the benefits of this type of exercise, but when you do, you’ll wish you had done it a long time ago.