How to Be a Versatile Voice-Over Artist

The most famous voice actors in history, from Mel Blanc to Don LaFontaine, have been known not only for their vocal talent but also for their vocal versatility. This is why the ability to take on a variety of vocal styles and qualities can take any vocal artist to more places. Given my experience as a voice-over talent for almost two decades now, I can say that versatility is something any narrator or announcer can work on. The essentials include an understanding of your vocal range, the ability to listen well, and the patience to practice and practice more.

Knowing Your Vocal Range 

As much as you want to be able to possess all vocal styles, this is not always possible. The first step to being versatile is to understand that you can possess a variety of vocal qualities and personalities but you can only go so far. Once you have a clear understanding of your vocal range, you can work toward being better at this specific range so that you can be as flexible as you can during recordings. In my case, my voice has been described as energetic, warm, friendly, smooth, sensual, casual, and possessing a “storyteller” quality, depending on my readings. Thus I can work within this range and offer my clients a variety of vocal styles, depending, of course, on the requirements of the project.

Cultivating Listening Skills

If you want to be a multitalented voice artist, you need more than just speaking skills. Listening skills are just as vital, too. You can do this by listening to the way other voice actors are able to adapt different styles to their voice. And best of all; listen to your own voice. Listen to your own audio recordings, past and present, and notice how your voice has evolved. This way, you will know how far you can stretch yourself, either by experimenting or doing better at the vocal qualities you’re already good at.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It doesn’t matter whether you practice out loud or practice in your head; the important thing as a voice artist is to continually practice. Practice and try to perfect your articulation, tone, inflection, and even your breathing. Once you’re done with the basics, practice adapting different, more versatile vocal styles.

As long as you know your vocal qualities well and strive hard to deliver these vocal styles in a flawless manner, you can be a versatile, exceptional, and reliable voice talent all at the same time. These days, it’s never just enough to be a “good” voice artist. A true artist has to be creative, flexible, and willing to experiment, too!

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