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Voiceover SEO: Ways to Make Your Voice Acting Business More SEO-Friendly

In this time and age when people use the Internet to search for virtually anything, voiceover SEO should be an indispensable tool for any voice actor. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which basically means re-structuring your online presence so that you are easily found on the search engines.

But as a voice acting professional, how do you start doing this? Do you really need to invest in an expensive website or a viable social media presence?

Outlined below are some helpful tips for any voice actor in attaining successful voiceover SEO:

  1. Never underestimate the importance of keywords. Search engine optimization is important because as a voice actor you want to widen your market and make your voice acting services better known to the bigger public. But to do this, you need to know which words your potential clients are using when searching for a voice actor or voice acting services. In the SEO world, these are more specifically known as keywords.

With ample research, you will discover which words your clients are typing into search engines. Keyword tools such as the Google Keyword Tool are also useful. You may tailor the keywords that you use on your site according to the content of each page, the topic, and the specific service that you offer.

  1. Invest in an engaging website for your voiceover services. Successful voiceover SEO cannot be possible without a working and engaging website. A website is a way to market your voice acting skills to the world. As a voice actor, you may use your website to showcase your portfolio of past works.

For a website to stand out, it must be well designed and have valuable, engaging content. In other words, your website must offer something to your visitors that compels them to come back, visit your site, and avail of your services again. All this helps establish long-standing relationships with booth old clients and new prospects.

  1. Cultivate a social media presence. Finally, your work as a voice actor should also be visible on social media. You can create a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, or a LinkedIn profile. You can also contribute blogs and articles to voice acting websites, where you may place an outbound link that directs readers to your own website.

You can make your voiceover business more SEO friendly with a lot of planning and research. An important thing to remember is that voiceover SEO should be consistent and attuned to the times. After all, it will be your voiceover career that reaps all the benefits once you have a stable and optimized presence on the search engines.