The Solution to an Overwhelming Voiceover Business

An overwhelming voiceover business makes you feel defeated. You work so hard every day, and it does not seem as though you finish anything. Your performance may be suffering because of the stress of all the voiceover work you have right now. You just don’t know how you’re ever going to overcome the mountain of work and client situations you have right now.

The good news is you can overcome an overwhelming voiceover business. Follow these steps.

#1: Gather Everything

When you’re overwhelmed, you likely don’t want to look at everything you have to do. It might seem better to take on thing at a time and avoid everything else you have to do, but it’s not. When you do this, you end up working on tasks at the wrong time, which slows you down and can hurt your performance. The best thing to do is to make a list of everything you have to do. Don’t pay attention to how long the list is because that will make you want to stop. Just keep writing down everything you can think of.

#2: Prioritize Work

With your list of tasks, start numbering them one, two, or three. One should be what needs to be done first, and then two for what can wait a little longer, and three for tasks that can wait even longer.

#3: Group the Priorities

Group the priorities together. You can use three sheets of paper, so one for each priority. This will likely decrease some of your anxiety over everything you have to do because you’ll see that you don’t have as much as you thought.

#4: Schedule What’s on the First Paper

Take each task and give it some time. This is like an appointment you’re making with that task. Keep this appointment as much as possible. You would not want to disappoint a client, right? Treat this the same way.

#5: Start Working

It is time to start working. Start at your first appointment time, and don’t stop until you have finished. When it’s time for your next appointment, go ahead and do that task.  Little by little you’ll get work done, and you’ll feel more confident with every task you finish. This will keep you moving, so you can get as much done as you want that day.

The more you work, the less you’ll have to do. Soon, you’ll feel that dreaded overwhelming feeling subside. You’ll feel as though you’re in control again. You’ll love what that feels like, and eventually, you’ll be on top of your work. You’ll not know what to do with the free time you have managed to find. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Now, get started! Get all of your projects together, prioritize, schedule, and get started. It is time to stop feeling overwhelmed.