Why What You Wear Matters When Doing Voice Over Work

When you work in an office, it’s likely you either wear professional outfits like suits or business casual such as button down shirts/blouses and slacks/skirts. While a part of the reason you wear these types of outfits is because you need to represent the company you work for in front of consumers, the other part is because people often do better work and are more productive when they look and feel successful. The clothing makes the man or woman, right?

How It Relates to Voice Over Work

This is the exact reason what you wear matters when doing voice over work. Have you ever tried to record a professional voice over wearing your pajamas? You might have practiced in your PJs, but when doing work for a client, it’s probably not something you’ve done. Why? Because when you wear comfortable clothes, you’re relaxed. When you’re relaxed, you may not work as hard as you would when wearing something professional.

When you wear a professional outfit, you look in the mirror and see professionalism. Professionalism goes right along with success. This can generate an energy that will give you the power you need to make your work exactly what the client wants.

Does this mean you should be dressed in a three piece suit or a female executive outfit? No. You shouldn’t wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. This will distract you from the most important part of your work – your voice.

What you should wear is something that you feel you look good in, and something that makes you feel good. Nothing too relaxing, but nothing too tight. You need to be able to move, but feel powerful enough to do your best work.

Think about a time you felt the most successful. Wear an outfit that is similar to that one, if you don’t have that one available. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll do with your work.

If you have some time, test out what it’s like to work with PJs. The results may be okay, but it’ll be much harder to get them.

Give It a Try

Let us know in the comments what you wear that helps you work your best. It will be interesting to know!