Voiceover Podcasts to Grow Your Business

Podcasts are audio shows that include valuable content people can use to improve their life or business. Podcasting is still young in the media industry, only about ten years. Even in its beginning stages, it has been able to gain traction in the business world.

Podcasts are great for people who are on the go. They can be listened to in the car, while making dinner, or exercising. It’s for people who want to learn more about how to improve their business, but don’t have the time to read.

The number of podcasts is increasing each day, especially on the topic of voiceover and business growth. The following are some of the best podcasts for those who want to grow their voiceover business.

Voice Over Experts

For those of you who are still new to the industry, Voice Over Experts is a great podcast to add to your podcast list. You’ll learn tips on how to create the perfect commercial demo, how to avoid common voiceover mistakes, and how to improve your voiceover skills. Each episode is chocked full of information you can use to improve your voiceover skills so that you can grow your voiceover business.

Voiceover Marketing Podcast

John Melley makes voiceover marketing enjoyable. His humor comes through on each episode intertwined with all of the information he provides. His topics focus on marketing skills, voiceover business law, and customer service. Some of the best ones are:

Episode 41: Can Drugs Help Your Voice Over Marketing?

Episode 39: How Common Courtesy Can Grow your Business (Or Kill It)

Episode 37: Living a Life of Purpose on YOUR Terms

The Sound Advice Voice-Over Podcast

Kate McClanaghan and Jeff Finney discuss trends in the voiceover industry and have some great expert guests on each episode. It’s great to be able to learn more than one voiceover guru because not all of the tips and techniques will mesh with your style. They have many episodes, so look through the descriptions to find some topics you have been wondering about for growing your voiceover business.

Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

This is the #1 business podcast right now. All business owners should be listening to it. The topics focus on how to effectively start, maintain, and grow a business. The episodes cover everything from marketing to customer service. There are plenty of episodes to choose from to improve your voiceover business.

Tell Me Your Favorites

Do you have favorite podcasts that help your business or life in some way? Please leave a comment below with your personal favorites. As a podcast listener, I am always looking for new ones to add to my list.

Happy listening and learning with podcasts!