What Voiceover Agents Look for in a Voiceover Talent

Voiceover agents have an important job; they need to find the best voiceover for a project. With thousands of voiceovers in the country, this job can be extremely challenging. This is particularly the case because they have to look for specific voiceover talent. The problem is that many agents pass over many voiceovers because they simply don’t know what they can do – they aren’t aware of their actual skills. For this reason, it’s important to know what voiceover agents look for in a voiceover talent, so you can be sure to highlight the skills they seek.

Years of Experience

The first thing agents want to know is how many years of experience you have in the industry. It’s best to have whole experience, rather than splitting it up between niches. For example, if you did narrative voiceover for three years and announcing for two years, it’s better to say five years of voiceover experience.

In the details of your resume, you can identify the types of voiceover you’ve done within the number of years. This will give agents a better idea if you have the experience they’re looking for without disregarding you due to quickly seeing two years of experience.


Training shows that you have made the effort to improve upon your skills. This also indicates you’re motivated to perform at your best. Including the type of training and how long it lasted is an excellent   way to show agents you’re flexible and able to learn new techniques.


Many agents look for voiceovers who have been acknowledged for their skills. If you’ve received any awards or recognitions through your voiceover career, you should include it in your portfolio. It doesn’t matter how long ago the awards or recognitions were received. Just letting agents know you received them is sufficient.

Previous Clients/Projects

If you’ve ever worked for big time clients or noteworthy projects, it’s important to include them in your portfolio. Since , more prominent clients and projects can be much more complex, agents will be much more interested in you because they know you can handle the stress and workload.

High-Quality Demos

Demos should be high quality and exemplify the skills needed for a project. It’s best to have a demo with a few different types of voiceovers or multiple demos, so you can have enough examples to show agents. Many voiceovers miss out on opportunities because they don’t show off the skills necessary for the project, even though they have them.

You Have One Shot – Make It Count

You only have one chance to impress a voiceover agent. Be sure to follow the above tips so that you can capture agents’ attention. This will increase the likelihood that they’ll call you for an audition or offer you the project.