How to Find Voice Over Work for Children’s Shows

Many of us grow up watching children’s television and cartoons. As we grow into adulthood, many continue to enjoy the fantasy and artistry that only animation can provide, and for the voice actor, that leads many of us to pursue a career in voice acting for children’s shows, cartoons, anime, and animation. Animation has broadened into a category that encompasses entertainment for all ages, so voice over work for children’s shows can easily branch out into voice work for a broad array of animated properties.

Whether you dream of voicing one of the Ponies of Equestria, one of the pets in the Littlest Pet Shop, or have your sights set on voicing one of Rick and Morty’s villains, in this article, we will give you the ins and outs of landing a job doing voice work for children’s shows and animation.

Preparation for Success as a Children’s Show Voice Actor

Preparing for a career as a voice actor in animation, cartoons, or a children’s show involves a lot more than being able to do a great ‘voice’ for your favorite character. Voice acting is demanding work, and you need to be prepared for success.

Most of the voice actors in cartoons and animation today started as a voice actor for advertisements and other types of media, and many are stage, screen, or film actors as well. While it isn’t necessary, the acting training will better prepare you to be a great voice actor. No matter where they came from in the realms of theater, voice acting, and film, all of the great voice actors for children’s shows and animation started with a few things in common: acting experience, a great vocal range, and the ability to get into character and stay in character. After all, voice acting is, first and foremost, acting.

Voice Acting Training Courses

There are many voice-over training classes out there which can certainly give you a leg up on the competition in many ways, but the majority of today’s voice actors come from the theatrical world and have had formal acting training. It is these acting skills, in addition to vocal talent, that make them desirable, memorable, and successful voice actors. For this reason, we recommend you start by trying your hand in theatrical productions, at your local school or community theater. If you can, sign up for acting classes. These will hone your skills as an actor and enable you to fully embody your character – including the voice. You may even make some connections leading to an audition.

Another option, especially for those who are looking for more silly or whimsical voice acting opportunities in children’s shows is stand-up comedy. This is an avenue by which many actors establish themselves as formidable comedic actors, and many go on to do voice work for children’s shows, cartoons and other types of animation.