Have the Voice of a Jolly Old Elf? How to Find Santa Voice Over Work this Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! It’s special holiday time again! If you have a booming radio voice, a great “movie trailer guy” voice, or the classic “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” Monster Truck pipes, just a small adjustment and a little bit of Christmas spirit could turn you from a high-impact narrator to a Jolly Old Elf. Many companies and organizations hire voice actors at this time of year to perform the voice of Santa Claus. If you’ve never considered looking for Santa voiceover work, perhaps this could be the year you dash away with an exciting new line item on your resume.

Who Hires Santa Claus Voice Overs?

There are many opportunities for Santa Claus voice-over work throughout the holiday season. Many businesses, including retailers, car dealerships, and shopping malls host Christmas events, and they’d like for their advertisements to be narrated by none other than the man in red himself. In addition, YouTube series, animators, and broadcasters are almost always seeking a Santa for some project or other during the season. Of course, his schedule is always jam-packed at this time of year, but voice actors like you could be Santa’s little helper this year.

Why Pursue Santa Claus Voice Acting?

Holidays are stressful and expensive. Just as there are actors who fit the ‘look’ for old Saint Nick and make a tidy living every winter playing Santa Claus in malls, parades, and special appearances year after year, getting a solid gig as a Santa Claus voice actor could mean reliable employment every holiday season – and in a gig-based profession like voice over work, that’s peace of mind we can all use during the holidays.

What Are Some Other Christmas Voice Acting Opportunities?

While Santa Claus voice over work is definitely a niche that only some of us will fit into (sorry, voice actresses out there) there are certainly other ways you can find a spot in holiday-related voice acting opportunities. After all, what is Santa without elves, reindeer (who of course can and do talk), and good old Mrs. Claus? In addition, plenty of Holiday advertisements are in need of narration both of a whimsical and serious variety, and for those who would enjoy the work, larger churches can often seek out voice actors for their own video projects – especially at Christmas.

Whatever your voice acting style or niche, we hope you find the projects you’re looking for to make your Holiday season bright.