Scheduling a Vacation around Voiceover Work

You need a vacation. When people take vacations, they end up clearing their mind, so they can return to work with renewed energy.

As much as you do not want to leave because of all your voiceover work, there is a way to do it that will not affect your career too much. The following are some tips you can use to schedule a vacation and voiceover work.

How to Plan a Vacation and Voiceover Work

Plan Months in Advance

Don’t spring a vacation on your clients. They’ll not appreciate it. Instead, plan a vacation at least a month or two in advance and let them know about it as soon as possible. This way they can plan for your absence and you can too.

Consider the Needs of Your Clients

When you’re looking ahead to schedule your vacation, consider what your clients may need at the time you’re thinking about going. You may even want to call your clients as a courtesy to see if they’ve anything planned for you before you make your plans. This way you don’t have to cancel anything.

Think about Workload

If your workload waxes and wanes, you may want to wait until a slow time to go on vacation. If you don’t usually have a slow time, you’ll just need to schedule your vacation when you have the least amount of work to do.

A Getaway Counts

If a vacation and voiceover work are not possible, you may want to plan a getaway. It could be over the weekend, which is when you may not be as busy. It’s better to take a little vacation than none at all.

What to Do to Prepare for the Vacation and Voiceover Work

Set Up a Schedule for Work

You’ll likely need to work a little harder before you leave for your vacation and then when you get back to catch up on everything you’re going to miss. It’s better to create a schedule for all of the work you need to do to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Work a Little Longer

Since you’ll have more work to do before you leave, you’ll need more time. Be sure to consider this as you’re making your schedule for your voiceover work.

Working harder and longer for a vacation is worth it. You’ll feel incredible after you get back from your vacation and voiceover work will feel so much better to you. This is what will help you love your career again and continue to grow your business to the success you dream of for it.

Enjoy your vacation!