Social Media Marketing Strategies for Voice-Over Business Success

The Internet, specifically social media, has made it possible for people to transact business and connect with others in a convenient fashion. If you’re still unsure whether you really need to create a Facebook page for your company or Tweet about your latest commercial voice over service, continue reading. Here I will be sharing 5 proven social media marketing strategies to help you improve your online presence and credibility as a voice artist.

Strategy # 1 Be Visible on Facebook

Facebook is home to more than a billion users, with more than 700 million of this population using the social network on a daily basis. With connections between local companies and people numbering to more than 2 billion on Facebook, your voice-over business and you clients could be one of these connections. If you’re not on FB yet, you better start moving.

Strategy # 2 Establish a Twitter Presence

What makes Twitter amazing is that with just a very brief status update of no more than 140 characters, you can potentially reach out thousands of followers and clients all over the globe. Shakespeare got it right — brevity is definitely the soul of wit. And in this day when people want instant gratification, Twitter is one of the best social media out there. Your followers and would-be followers get instant voice-over updates and know where to find you when they need to!

Strategy # 3 Create a LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn profile can give your commercial voice-over business a professional presence. If you are a voice artist who’s just starting, you may use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in the business. And if you are a voice talent who has had a pretty impressive resume, a LinkedIn profile will give your exceptional curriculum vitae — and your audio narration business — a global audience.

Strategy #4 Try out Pinterest

Why Pinterest, you may ask. Well, why not? Gone are the days when Pinterest is a place reserved only for craft-loving, creative people who want to swap recipes and decorating tips. Now you can organize all your voice acting projects in one board and share them on the site. You may also post a link to your website on this site. And because Pinterest boards are visually gratifying, they are a great way to market your brand and logo on the Internet.

Strategy # 5 Promote your Blog on Social Networks

Finally, use social networks to spread word about your website and blog. When you post a Facebook or Google+ status or Tweet, include a link to your newest blog. The more you update your blog with engaging content and spread it across various social media, the bigger are your chances of getting noticed as a talented and qualified storyteller.

The more visible a voice-over professional is online, the easier it will be for you to see whether his or her services are a perfect match for your needs. Have you been scouting the social networks for the best Spanish voice-over talent? Victoria DeAnda voice-over services may just be the thing you need. Get in touch with me today for professional, creative voice-overs that deliver!