Trusting in Your Abilities as a Voiceover Actor

Being a voiceover actor is not easy. There is a lot of criticism that comes with your work. When you complete a project someone is not happy with, you may feel as though you are not good enough for this work. You may want to give up. While these are normal feelings, especially in the voiceover field, you should try to avoid them. They are what can ruin your career as a voiceover actor. Learn why it is important to trust in your abilities as a voiceover actor.

You Are Not the Problem – Communication and Project Management Is the problem

When working with a new client, you may end up receiving feedback that does not make you happy. The client may tell you what you have produced is low quality, or you are not a good voiceover actor. Do not believe this feedback. It is not constructive, and it is delivered by someone who does not understand how to work with people to be successful.

Working on a project means working on it – everyone involved in the project needs to work on it together to make it successful. This means that suggestions should be made to improve the way it is done to meet the client’s expectations. When you do not have a team to work on the project, it is highly likely it will fail.

While all of this is true, a failed project can be a major hit to a voiceover actor. The thought that he/she is not good enough can seep in and start to work its way into ruining future work. This should not happen because it is not your abilities that are the problem – it is the communication and project management.

When you trust in your abilities as a voiceover actor, you will not allow failed projects to affect you. You will understand that it is not about you, as much as it is about the client. Some clients do not know what they want or know how to communicate it, so they end up blaming others for the ambiguity. This has nothing to do with how good you are – it has everything to do with the client.

When You Are Not the Right Voiceover

There will be times when you will find you are not able to give clients what they want. What they want is something that you are not able to provide. With voiceover, this is common, and it does not mean you are not a good voiceover. It just means you are not the right person for the project.

As you know, voiceover work is highly subjective. The tone and style of your voice may not always match what clients have in mind. That is okay. The talent you possess makes it possible for you to work on projects that were made for your voice and vocal abilities. Sometimes, it’s just not a good match.

When you trust in your voiceover abilities, you will not let projects that seem like a bad match get you down. You will know deep down inside it just was not meant for you.

Keep your chin up. Trust in your abilities as a voiceover actor. Take your business to a new level with the understanding that you are talented at what you can do and you will provide your best work to people who will appreciate it.