Awarded an Emmy at the 2014 Lone Star Emmy Gala Award Ceremony

This weekend, I attended the 2014 Lone Star Emmy Gala Award Ceremony. I was nominated for an Emmy, so I was excited about the great honor. In the course of my career, I have always strived to do the best work possible because I have a passion for it. When I attend functions such as this one, it makes me feel as though I’ve really chosen a career that was best for me.

As I was there watching so many people receive awards, I thought about how happy, excited and proud they were of themselves. I shared their glory by smiling and clapping for them. The vibe in the room was something out of this world. I loved it.

All of a sudden, I realized “Go Red” was called. Who? Me? YES! It was me!

In complete amazement, as my work was played on a large screen, I made my way to the front to receive the Emmy for:

Producer/Director of a Community Public Service Year Ender – Single Spot/Campaign “Go Red”

This award is for a special campaign that ran on KXTX – TV, a division of NBC Universal.  It was a health initiative with the title “Mejorando Su Vida.” Each month, we featured a health topic – I directed and produced each one.

The goal of the features was to bring more awareness to the Hispanic community to improve their health and wellbeing. “Go Red” is a campaign of the American Heart Association. It brings awareness to the importance of healthy diets, heart exams and exercise to promote heart health. Heart disease is the #1 killer of Hispanic women.

Through my producing and directing, I came up with the concept of dressing a dancer in red. She danced to flamenco music, while the voice over played, which I produced. The voice over delivered the message about the need to live the “Go Red” lifestyle.

I produced the spot with no budget but with great affection for our Latin culture.

It’s a great pleasure and honor to have received this Emmy for something that I did that was only to help Hispanic women live a healthier life.

To all of my voice over talent colleagues and fans, never give up. A career in the voice over industry isn’t always easy. You need to work hard and never back down. However, all that work is worth it. I can say that because I’ve been through it all and I have this great accomplishment to show for it. Someday, you could have the same.

Much success to you,

Victoria DeAnda-Rich