How to Use a DiscBound Planner to Keep Your Voiceover Gigs Organized

Recently, I discovered the advantage of using a discbound planner. Even though we’re in the technology age, I find that it doesn’t work for me with planning. I’ve found having everything I need in one planner (work tasks, personal responsibilities, budgeting, and meal planning) is much easier for me. It’s just nice to open up a book and see everything you need to do without having to click around or worry about a battery diary.

I believe a planner needs to fit a person. There’s a reason there are so many planners available. Each one is unique to meet the needs of users. The great thing about the discbound planner is that I make it anything I want. You can easily remove pages, move them, insert pages, and even decorate everything.

What has worked for me as a voiceover artist is looking for printable inserts. I have found the perfect inserts for an entire month on two pages and daily planner pages. I use the monthly pages for appointments with clients. I use the daily pages for a task list. I also include my goals for the day to keep myself motivated. Taking notes is important for me to do for my projects. I have inserted Notes inserts in between each day. I can then jot down notes for the tasks I need to do that day. It’s very convenient.

Each section of the planner has dividers, which makes it easy for me to flip to what I need quickly. This is so nice when meeting with clients and taking notes. I can then remove those notes and place them in the right part of my planner for the time that project needs to be worked on.

As I go through my days, I turn to my planner almost every hour to make sure I don’t miss anything, and I’m staying on task. I have a bookkeeping section in my discbound planner, which is used for keeping track of expenses and income. Having that information in front of me enables me to make quick decisions without much stress. It’s great!

If you’re looking for a way to organize your life better, consider the disc-bound planner. You can set it up any way you want, so it works for you. You can be creative with it, too. It’s wonderful for a voiceover business.