Benefits of Walking for Your Voiceover Work

Most people don’t think walking and voiceover go together. After all, walking has to do with your legs and feet, and voiceover has to do with your voice. As unconnected as they seem, they’re actually related. Walking can significantly improve your voiceover work.

Keeps You Energized

Do you have slumps in your day? You know how those feel. You so desperately want to close your eyes and take a nap, but there is just too much to do. Well, walking can help you stay focused on your voiceover work instead of your pillow and bed. According to a study in 2013, a 15-minute walk after lunch can regulate blood sugar levels enough to keep you from getting drowsy.

Improves Your Mood

Dr. Robert Thayer, Ph.D. reports that people can improve their mood simply by taking a 10-minute brisk walk. The pace should be one that is the same as when you’re running late for an appointment.

Boosts Memory

As a voiceover artist, you know how important your memory is to your work. The good news is that walking can help you strengthen it. According to a 2011 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, subjects who walked 40 minutes three times a week increased activity in their hippocampus, which controls memory.

Reduces Stress

When working on a difficult voiceover project, going for a walk may be exactly what you need. The physical activity involved in walking can decrease cortisol levels quickly, which can then help you manage stress better. The added benefit is that less cortisol in your body can help you lose belly fat, which slims your waistline.

Strengthens the Immune System

A 30-minute walk is all you need to increase your killer t-cells. These t-cells are what attack the immune system, which makes it easier for you to become sick. Since it’s not always possible or easy to do voiceover work when you’re ill, walking is a great way to keep your productivity up, especially through the cold season.

Allows You to Think

As you’re working, you may find yourself just acting without thinking. Being able to take a break with a walk outside can give you time to think about what you’re doing. You can coach yourself at this time, so when you get back to your voiceover work, you’ll have a better idea of how to improve.

Helps You Continue Doing What You Love

Studies have shown walking can decrease the risk of disability and increase longevity. If you love doing voiceover work, walking can help you do it for as long as you want.

Now that you know how beneficial walking is to your health take time out of your day today to put on your sneakers and walk. Please check with your physician before you start any new exercise to ensure you’re healthy enough for this form of physical activity.