Advertising a Voice Over Business in Your Community

If no one knows you have a voice over business, you won’t make any money. Marketing means a lot to the success of your business, so learn how you can do it in your local area.

Visit Small Businesses

Small businesses need voice over artists for commercials and online videos. Walk into small businesses in your community with business cards and confidence. Let the owner know you are a voice over artist interested in setting up an appointment to discuss how you can help him market his business. You can then let him know all of the opportunities he has when he uses you for his videos.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is for business owners in a community. When you join, you can attend events to meet members. As you network, you’ll be spreading the word of your services and you’ll learn about new leads you can explore.

People search for many services, including voice over artists. Create a post on Craigslist for your local area to advertise your services.


People still read the paper. Pay for an ad in the paper, or call the editorial department to ask if there’s a chance you could have an article featured about the value of voice over artists.


Hanging flyers on a library local news board, in a Starbucks, or in other places it’s allowed will help you get your name and voice over business out there. Be sure to cut slits at the bottom of the paper with your phone number on each piece, so people can rip one off and take it with them.

Visit Video Production Agencies

Video production agencies use voice over artists. Some of them are on staff, while others are contracted out. Visit them to ask if they need your help. If they don’t, drop off your business card, demos, and resume. They may need you in the near future and call you.

Need More Tips?

Get some more great tips on advertising your voice over business in your local area.

Don’t Ever Stop Marketing

Running a voice over business is difficult work, but to keep it going, you’ll need to market your services. Use these tips and then use them again even if you aren’t seeing any results. It can take several times for someone to see your advertisement before he calls you. Don’t give up. Before you know it, you’ll have people calling you just because you’ve sparked interest in them.