2016 Is the Year for Voiceovers and Here’s Why

Each year that passes, new marketing strategies come into play. These strategies are tested, and if they’re effective, they roll into the next year to become more efficient and effective.

Voiceovers made a huge step forward in the area of online videos in 2015. More people than ever are watching online videos for longer periods of time. eMarketing.com reports people are spending on average 5.5 hours a day watching video content.

You cannot deny video content is effective in marketing a brand, product, and service. What’s great for the voiceover industry is that artists are part of many of these videos.

Many companies have found they can present their services and products to their consumers easily with video. All they do is record their service or product in action, and then have the voiceover in the background talk about it. If you take a few minutes to review some promotional videos on YouTube, you can find many of them use voiceovers in them.

Why Does Voiceover Work in These Videos?

Consumers don’t care about a person on a screen. What they want to know about are the products and services you sell. They want to see what it looks like and how it works. When you can do this while giving them knowledge, you have given them exactly what they want from you. This persuades them to buy from you.

There’s another reason voiceover works in online videos. Consumers are motivated by a person’s voice – its tone, style, and word choice. If you’ve ever heard someone who is speaking in a monotone voice, you know it’s nothing exciting, so it doesn’t motivate you to do anything. However, if you hear someone excited about a product or service, you will pay attention. You want to know what is so special about it that has made this person so happy. That is the power of a voiceover.

How 2016 Differs from Past Years

This is the year of voiceovers because online videos have not yet hit their peak. An increasing number of people are heading to their computer or mobile device to watch videos rather than flipping on their televisions. They are finding what they are interested in and what entertains them. The more people who decide to turn to the Internet to meet their needs, the more businesses are going to use it to promote their products and services.

This is the year when businesses are going to take full advantage of online videos, in addition to voiceovers who will bring forth the brand’s message. You can get ahead of the competition easily by getting started with production and a voiceover artist.

With videos available on your website, social media, and YouTube, you will be able to give your customers the information and motivation they need to buy what they want from you – not your competitor.