Should You Start a YouTube Channel for a Voiceover Business?

YouTube is extremely popular these days. Many people watch YouTube more than they watch television. With so many people using the site, you may have wondered if you should start using it for promoting your voiceover business.

About YouTube for Marketing

YouTube is a great marketing tool for business owners, especially voiceovers. Millions of people watch videos on the site, and they usually find them through a Google search. Since Google owns YouTube, you’re much more likely to gain a lot of exposure from YouTube, especially in the voiceover industry.

Many voiceovers haven’t tapped into YouTube just yet. This means you’ll be ahead of the marketing game with it. You can cover voiceover topics and show off your skills to potential clients, and they’ll be impressed that you’ve chosen this way to market yourself.

So, when asking if you should use YouTube for marketing your voiceover business. The answer is YES!

How to Market a Voiceover Business on YouTube

Each YouTube video should have a topic. You should come up with something that you want to tell your viewers. It should be informational and mildly entertaining. In other words, you want to use your skills as a voiceover to engage your audience.

Come up with a list of topics you would like to cover for the YouTube videos. For instance, if you’re interested in sharing your experiences, you should tell viewers how you started in the industry and what you’ve done so far. You may even want to provide some examples of your skills.

You may want to do a tour of your studio. You can show viewers what you use and how you use it. You may even want to use some of the equipment to show them your skills.

As you probably have gathered from this article so far, you want to use YouTube as a demo or resume of sorts. By sharing with viewers what you know, you’ll be able to get your name out there easier. What’s great is that YouTube videos are easy to share, so people can show others your knowledge and skills easily just by sharing a link.

How to Get Started with YouTube for a Voiceover Business

It only takes minutes to get started with YouTube. You can sign in with your Google account. Once there, you can create a channel for your videos. You’ll need to upload a cover photo and a profile picture. These should be professional because they’ll be a representation of you and your voiceover business.

Once you have the design done, you can move on to creating the videos. You can use any recording device to do the videos. Many people use their smartphone or tablet, but you can also use a video recorder or another professional video device. If you’re skilled at editing, you may want to consider investing in a program or simply just use the editing features that YouTube has available if you’re not too tech-savvy.

Once your video is complete, all you have to do is upload it. Make sure the settings are switched to public, so it’s searchable and visible to everyone.

Publish new videos regularly because the more you have, the better visibility you’ll have, which could lead to more opportunities. Soon, you may just see your voiceover business grow beyond your imagination.