Seeking Voice Over Talent on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Professionals from all over the world come to the site to share their business. Voice overs are no different. They use the site to connect with other voice overs to learn from them and exchange opportunities. This is what makes LinkedIn a perfect place for seeking voice over talent.

Check with Connections

When searching for voice overs on LinkedIn, it’s good idea to check in with your network first. Posting a message on your feed indicating you are seeking a voice over may result in one of your connections recommending someone to you. If this doesn’t happen, you can confidently move on to searching the site.

Use the LinkedIn Search Engine

The first thing you may want to do is perform a search on the social networking site. Search terms such as voice over or voiceover. If you’re seeking a female voice over, be sure to include the word female. Of course, if you would like a male, include that to narrow your search.

Once you have the search results, you’ll notice you can’t connect with everyone. You can only invite someone to connect with you if have a connection related to that person. In other words, you already have a connection that is connected to that person. While you may think this is frustrating at first, it’s actually beneficial. You can see which one of your connections knows that person and send a message to that person inquiring about him or her. You can do this before or after you’ve sent an invite to connect.

Once someone accepts a connection, you’ll be able to take a deeper look into the person’s experience. The voice over’s profile should include detailed information about his or her skills and experience. If it doesn’t, you may want to keep searching. You want someone who is confident and knows how to portray him or herself well, even if it’s just on LinkedIn.

Use Voice Over Groups

As you’re searching, you may want to try some groups to find voice overs. You can join many of the voice over specific groups. This will open up many possibilities for you. Many of them have a studio in their home, so there’s no problem with finding someone who lives a few states away from you. These groups are also great to find voice overs because you can see how active they are and how much they really know about their industries. You can usually tell which members are the experts and which ones are still new by the way they interact with others, give advice, and the questions they ask.

As you make connections and send messages to voice overs you are interested in, you’ll start to find ones who meet your qualifications perfectly. You can then choose the voice over that’s best for your project.

After Seeking Voice Over Talent – Leaving Recommendations and Endorsements

As you use voice overs from LinkedIn, don’t forget to leave a recommendation and/or endorsement. Just as you were looking for voice overs, others will do the same, and those reviews you leave help professional voice overs help more people just like you.