Narration Voiceover Industry Is Growing for Voiceover Artists

The Future of Narration Voiceover

As technology continues to race ahead rapidly, the future of narration voiceovers is naturally questionable. In the years leading up to now, there were limited methods for obtaining different types of information. Newspapers, radio stations, and few television networks were available, but in today’s world, things have changed.

Moving Forward

There are hundreds of radio stations, nearly unlimited podcasts, online videos, newspapers, and blogs. Content must be crafted to be entirely unique. Narration voiceover makes up nearly 90 percent of an artist’s work. Often this work is comprised of audiobooks. However, it also extends to documentary narration, biographies, educational films, and more.

Narration voiceovers were already in high demand, but as the shift in technology continues, the need for voiceover talent will continue to increase in an attempt to keep up with the change in times.

How to Succeed in Narration Voiceover

The competition is already fierce in the industry, but there are a few distinctive actions an artist can take to stand out above the rest. Even though the demand for talent has increased, so has the talent. Taking classes to hone your skill is advised. Not only that but becoming versatile and knowledgeable in other areas will prove to be a great asset when trying to secure clients.

Business Skills

You will need to become business savvy to get yourself out there if you wish to  succeed. Marketing yourself is especially important. In addition to this skill, learn to master your talent for closing a prospective gig. It’s about as equally imperative as marketing yourself.

When you work as a contractor, you will need to learn the basics of bookkeeping, which includes invoicing. Managing your time efficiently is another task that will determine whether you succeed or not.

Versatility and Time

Time is the single thing everyone wishes they had more of each day. Clients expect work to be turned around quickly. Since everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, you have to discover how to achieve this. Investing in professional-grade recording studio equipment will give you better versatility. This can be attributed to the ability of being able to record at any time of day you wish instead of booking a time slot at the recording studio. Many projects will move from requiring the artist on site to allowing them to work from home. Additionally, agencies often email the script and require the recording emailed back for auditions. It would be financially beneficial to learn how to properly set up and utilize a home studio in order to deliver a quality product.

Job Pricing

Unless you are a big name in the business, then it’s no surprise job rates have dropped. Unfortunately, more is expected for less pay. In addition, hourly and set rates have begun to replace royalties. More often than not, companies require the voiceover artist to sign a buy-out release form, giving them full ownership of the recording. Here’s a tip: Always try to negotiate the price.