Male vs. Female Voice Over Artists: Who Is More Attractive?

Have you ever taken a minute to listen to someone’s voice? If so, you’ve probably noticed some voices are much more attractive than others. You’ve probably even spent a little more time listening to what those people have to say because their voices are so engaging. It’s interesting to think that the sound of a person’s voice is enough to captivate you. But that’s the power of voice overs! When a voice is attractive, it sells because people pay attention.

Which Voice Is Most Attractive?

Over the years, many studies have been conducted on what constitutes as an attractive voice. Usually, the results of these students are that men like high pitched female voices, while men like voices that are deep. Times must be changing though because men and women don’t like the same voices anymore. It seems as though people aren’t favoring the opposite sex’s voice anymore. They are favoring their own!

New research published in PLOS ONE reports that people are attracted to voices that sound like their own. The study surveyed men and women after listening to male and female voices. The results showed that men liked male voices that were similar to their own, and women liked female voices that sounded like their own.

Does this mean we’re all becoming vain? Possibly, but this new research gives us great insight into how to select a voice over artist.

Male or Female Voice Over Artists

If you’re in the market for a voice over artist, you may be wondering if you should choose among the male or female voice over artists available. If you consider the study above, you may want to keep your audience in mind. Since people prefer a voice much like their own, you’ll need to find out who makes up the majority of your consumers.

Do you have mostly male or female consumers?

Once you know the sex of your consumers (at least the majority of them), you’ll need to think about your consumers’ voice. Do they usually have a lot of energy? This might mean they have high-pitched voices. Are they calmer? They may have lower pitched voices. It may be hard to figure this part out, so you may need to study your consumers to find out which one will be best.

When In Doubt Choose Female Voice Over Artists

Most of the time, you’ll win with female voice over artists. You’ll attract female consumers and male ones who find the female voice attractive. The same can’t always be said for male voices. That’s why many times you’ll hear more female voice overs than you will male ones. It’s just the preferred voice among both sexes.

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