Instagram – Is It Good for Voiceover Marketing

Instagram has grown significantly with users over the past year. People join the social network to share photos of themselves, their family, and their life. Businesses piggybacked on this and started to post images about their business and anything else their consumers would be interested in to gather a following. While Instagram has helped many businesses grow, it’s not for every business. Find out if it’s good for voiceover marketing here.

Why Instagram Is Good for Voiceover Marketing

Instagram is good for voiceover marketing for various reasons. Voiceover artists are able to establish a presence among the many professionals who use their services. By posting about what they are doing as part of their work each day, they show their commitment to their clients and career.

Voiceover artists are also able to post short videos to show people what their studio looks like, and this makes them look good. It shows they are professional and care about the quality of their work.

Some voiceover artists will record themselves working and post those short videos. This is just another way to show prospective clients they are serious about their work.

Another way voiceover artists use Instagram is by creating images with tips on them that are related to voiceover benefits. This provides informative content and sparks the interest of professionals seeking help with their marketing. Canva or PicMonkey are two good sites to use to create attractive images that can be shared on Instagram.

It’s possible to learn a great deal from other voiceover artists on Instagram. All you have to do is follow them, and notice what they are posting on the site.

How Instagram Is Ineffective for Voiceover Marketing

Instagram can be hard for business to business marketing. Many professionals do not search or expect to find voiceover artists on Instagram, so they don’t search for them. This can make boosting your visibility on Instagram difficult.

In addition, many professionals have a marketing agency or person manage their Instagram accounts. These people are trying to gather a following of consumers to purchase from the business rather than finding people to outsource to. This means that even if a marketing agency or person sees a voiceover artists’ posts, it may not mean much to them, so they just pass over them.

It can be time consuming, and as you know, time can be hard to come by when working on projects is what brings the money in. The flipside is that marketing helps keep clients coming in, so there needs to be a balance of marketing and working on projects.

You Can Make It Work

Even though voiceover marketing on Instagram isn’t the best tool, you can make it work. If you follow businesses and publish really good content, you may spark the interest of professionals. All you need is a spark to get people to start following you and paying attention to what you’re doing and can provide to them.