How to Start Your Own Voice-Over Business at Home

Like any other home-based venture, a voice-over business at home can be highly convenient, fun, and — if you do things right — quite profitable. But like any other start-up business at home, your voice-over company should be planned carefully. Outlined below are the most essential steps in building your at-home business so you can profit from your voice-overs and audio recording services at the earliest time possible.

STEP 1 Invest in Equipment

As a storytelling talent, you cannot jump start your voice-over business without having a stash of reliable equipment. At the very least, you need a microphone, an audio mixer, and good editing software. Since you will be recording at home, it will also help if you have a spare room, which you can turn into a sound proof room or a recording studio.

STEP 2 Invest in and Update your Knowledge 

Before you start marketing your services, you may want to check whether your knowledge of the market or the voice-over business is enough. If you’re starting, you may want to learn about how competitive the current voice-over landscape is, or which services are most marketable. You also have to be knowledgeable on the business side of things such as pricing your services, marketing and promoting, and accepting online payments. 

STEP 3 Take care of Legal Requirements 

The fact that you are putting up a home based audio recording company doesn’t make you exempt from the legal requirements that go with it. To make your business a legal and legitimate venture, you need to establish it legally, from getting a tax identification number to obtaining the necessary business permits.

If you are a business that fulfills the necessary state requirements, it matters little if you simply operate at home. You can be as competitive as or more successful than the next voice-over talent. 

STEP 5 Brand/Market/Promote your Business

Marketing, promotions, and branding strategies are an essential in any business. As a voice actor, you need to brand yourself and your business. Branding helps you differentiate your company and your services from the rest. A good logo or business name also helps in creating brand recall so you become a top-of-mind choice for prospective clients.

Of course, you will have to market your voice-overs to your audience and clients actively. In addition to posting in voice narration websites and participating in forums online, you also need to build your own website. This way, it won’t be difficult for your home based voice over business to reach out to a worldwide market. Your website can serve as an online office where you can communicate with clients through private messages, e-mails, or blogs. Just make sure to update your website content regularly, including your demos, list of services, and prices.

It doesn’t matter whether you work with a huge voice-over company or a voice artist operating at home. The important thing is to choose a voice-over talent that can deliver the results you need, effectively and efficiently. If you are in need of a Spanish voice-over talent today, look no further. Talk with me so we can get things started!