How to Make Every Week a New Year

The New Year is always an exciting time. People are fresh, motivated, and ready to take on a new, improved life.

Now, things have settled down. You’re into a routine, and it may be the same one you had last year, or you’re still holding on to the changes you set forth with on New Year’s Day. In any case, 2016 is well on its way.

What I would like to bring forward today is that excitement we feel at the beginning of the year. It is a shame many of us only experience that once a year. What if we could feel those feelings more than once a year? What if we could experience them more often – let us say every week!

How I’m Making Every Week a New Year for a Successful Voiceover Business

In my successful voiceover business, I have often found that weeks start to run into each other. Before I know, a full month has gone by, and I really can’t say what happened during it. I just did my voiceover work, took care of my personal responsibilities, and did the same thing every day. Day in and day out…nothing spectacular or great to report.

However, lately I have taken a different approach. One that I believe will help voiceovers everywhere. I am treating every week as a New Year.

Now, I get excited when a new week is upon us. I come up with some Resolutions for the week, and I think about how I’m going to keep them. I can easily see what I have to do for work and how those Resolutions fit into that work.

Sometimes, I will copy the same Resolutions from one week to the next because I would like to continue working on them to improve my work and personal life. This has helped me keep some Resolutions going longer than they ever have before.

Other times, I find that some Resolutions are not quite what I had in mind. They don’t work into my life. I don’t feel they’re as important any more – I ditch those.

Some Resolutions I set the bar way too high, so I don’t come close to keeping them. For the next week, I bring that bar down, so I can see how I’m more successful with it.

Each week is a new time for me to make changes to help me run a successful voiceover business. Some of those changes I carry on week to week, while others I ditch or change for the next week. Since I can start over every single week, it is okay that I do not keep them because I get to restart the next Monday. What a huge relief!

So my advice to you is this:

Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, implement New Week Resolutions.

If you do this every week, you may be able to run a successful voiceover business and personal life. It’ll be much more satisfying than having to worry about how you failed at your Resolutions and must wait an entire year to make new ones.