How to Continue Voice Over Work When Life Gets in the Way

Life isn’t always easy. Problems abound with every corner we turn. Some of these problems can be quickly solved with minimal effects, while others can throw us for a loop. These troubles affect our mental, emotional and physical health, relationships and work.

Life must carry on though, as much as we want to bury ourselves underneath our bed covers. If you’re finding yourself in this type of situation, try these tips to get through your voice over work minimally impacting your quality.

Ways to Deal with Life Stressors and Voice Over Work

Let It Out

When you keep it in, pain and frustration build. They can become so strong that you may not be able to contain them any longer, and this could ruin relationships with your clients. It’s best to let it out in a safe place, such as at home with your family or friends. It’s also a good idea to meet up with or call loved ones to vent. By talking through your troubles and even crying about them, you will feel as though the bubble forming inside of you isn’t going to burst at the wrong time.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is the art of being in the moment. Before you start your voice over work, practice meditation. Allow yourself to relax and bring yourself to the present time. The present time is working on a project as best as you can to deliver a quality product to your client. By bringing yourself back to the center of your universe, you will have a much easier time pushing your problems to the side, so you can pick them up after you are done working. You don’t have to worry about them being pushed to the side while you work, because I assure you – they will still be there.


Problems often make it difficult to sleep at night, but sleeping is therapeutic. After a long restful sleep, you may have a different perspective of the situation. If you’re not able to sleep at night, try sleeping during the day. Taking one day off to sleep is much better than producing low quality work for a week or more because you’re not able to effectively deal with life’s issues due to lack of sleep.

Spend More Time on Work

Some people want to spend more time working when they are stressed because it helps them, but another reason to do it is because this way you can boost the quality of your work despite not being yourself. Work on the project for as long as you need to until the quality meets or exceeds the work you do when you’re not in a stressful situation.

Be Good to Yourself

Everyone goes through bad times, so take good care of yourself during this time. Don’t push work away, but give yourself some breathing room. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Treat yourself. These are the ways you’ll be able to move forward with your voice over work without sacrificing your career as a voice over artist.