Give to Get in the Voiceover Industry

Voiceover artists have a lot to offer in the voiceover industry, especially those that have been working for a few years. They understand what it’s like to learn the skills, find work, and keep clients coming back for more. Some of the more seasoned voiceover professionals also know how to find full time work. If you do voiceover work, you may want to consider what you know and how you can help others trying to get into industry or grow in it.

The Idea of Giving to Get in the Voiceover Industry

Life can get busy. Many people work day in and day out to be able to earn a decent income. They go out and apply for gigs, go to auditions, and continuously market themselves. While it can be rewarding when jobs are granted to these people, there’s nothing more rewarding than doing more than just helping yourself.

When you’re able to look beyond yourself, you will be able to see how comforting it is to help others with their career. When you’re able to take someone by the hand and make their dreams of a voice over career come true, you are growing. You are growing personally and professionally.

At this point, you may be saying, “I just don’t have time for that.” Many people believe they don’t have the time for it, but in actuality they do. They just need to prioritize. As you’re spending an hour or two looking for work online without finding anything, you could have spent it helping someone hone their skills or find work in their niche. It’s a very selfless thing to do, right? Well, not exactly. Here’s the get part.

When you share the knowledge you have, you are showing people how much you know. You become a hero or heroine to someone. People around you will see you doing this and they will find it incredible how giving you are. This is a positive attribute that will take you far.

Not only will you be able to put your work helping budding voice over artists on your resume, but through the connections you’re making with others, you could start to be recommended for jobs. In the voiceover industry, it’s not as much about what you know, but who you know. For every person you help, that’s a connection that could lead you to someone who could turn out giving you the opportunity of a lifetime.

It can be hard to let go of your success to help someone else’s, but give it a try. Teaching others will boost your confidence by making you feel good about yourself. That vibe you send out will make prospective clients want to use you more than ever, and that’s how the concept of give to get can work for you.