Debunking the 5 Common Myths about a Voiceover Career

Are you planning to make more out of your voiceover capabilities? Nowadays, people are able to make a living out of their pajamas while working from home, and doing voiceovers has proven to be one of those careers.

But like any other career, voiceovers have been linked to some misconceptions. The following are the five myths about a voiceover career and some of the truths behind them.

  1. You cannot find good voiceover offers where you are.

The truth is, you don’t need to camp out in a bustling metropolis in order to secure offers. Of course, market matters a lot when it comes to advertising your skills, but the Internet has shrunk the distance between seller and consumer in recent years. If done right, you can have the rest of the globe as your voice acting market.

  1. You have a good voice.

Unfortunately, a beautiful voice is just the bare minimum in terms of voice acting requirements. Even if you’re capable of impersonating many kinds of voices, this will not instantly translate to job offers. However, professional training and lots of practice can give you that edge among all the others.

  1. People are telling you to pursue voiceover work.

If others are telling you that should do voice-overs, perhaps they are right. But your natural speaking voice is different from the kind of voice which you will be producing for projects. If you think you have it in you to start taking on projects, you also have to be familiar with your acting voice.

  1. You don’t need a good area for recording.

Auditions are make or break moments, and voice acting auditions are no exception. A professional recording studio, with ample equipment and soundproofing, can help you produce a clear-sounding demo material. This helps in building your confidence as a new voice actor, too!

  1. The work is easy.

No work is ever easy, except if you are planning to produce sloppy results. Voice-acting is meticulous and challenging, but it can also be fun! Try not to be too relaxed with your efforts, but don’t stress yourself out either. Voiceovers are never easy, but if you love what you do it will be easier for you to deal with almost anything.

If these myths have been keeping you from doing what you love best, maybe now is the time to convince yourself to finally try voice acting.

Whichever kind of career you pursue, preparation is key. To get to where they are voice actors have had to train, practice, and invest in more than just sheer talent. By getting down to these myths about a voice-over career, you can see more clearly what you need and how to get things done as a budding voice-over professional.