The Benefits of Pro Bono Work on Your Voice Acting Career

When it comes to voiceover work, your voice — as well as your storytelling skills — is the ‘product’ you are trying to sell.

And while it is true that every step you make in your voice acting business should bring in monetary returns, investing in pro bono work is also a good way to polish the brand you are trying to sell.

Pro Bono Efforts as a Good Way to Introduce Your Voice Acting Skills

Although pro bono work is often considered as services rendered for free, it doesn’t necessarily equate to a fruitless endeavor.

In fact, if you are just starting out in the industry, you might want to consider giving voice acting services free of charge to schools, universities, radio stations, and events. This is an effective way to showcase your talent and versatility. Pro bono work also expands your immediate network and introduces you to potential voice over clients.

And yet, it is not only the voice acting newbies who are known to deliver free narration and voiceover performances. Many established voice actors have been giving back to their favorite charities by offering their voice talents for no cost at all. Some of the organizations that have been at the receiving end of pro bono voice over services are Kenya Red Cross, Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, and Fairfield Earth Day, to name a few.

Getting More Than Just Monetary Rewards from Pro Bono Voiceovers

When planning to do pro bono voice over work for the first time, a good suggestion is to search for companies or schools that may be in need of such an initiative.

You can also initiate storytelling activities for school events or deliver voice acting performances for children’s parties held in hospitals and orphanages. Even if the monetary returns from your voice over efforts do not happen at once, what you will have instead is a rewarding and learning experience to take home with you.

Choosing Wisely the Pro Bono Voiceover Work for You

Although many charitable voice acting works are worth your while, you also have to make sure that you don’t feel shortchanged in the process. Choose only the causes that you are passionate about. It also pays to know who the people are behind the pro bono voiceover event.

In the end, a pro bono effort will always benefit your voice acting career, but only if it’s with a project you believe in.