: How to Make It in the Video Game Voiceover Industry

4 Essential Tips for Video Game Voiceover Success

Video games have substantially evolved in recent years, whether in terms of innovation, visuals, or narration. Due to the intricate storylines of many video games, one of their essential requirements is a good voice actor. But how do you succeed in video game voiceover work?

Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how you can make it in the voice acting industry as a voice actor for video games.

  1. Start small.

If your ultimate goal is to do video game voiceover work, you may become frustrated if you do not get relevant offers immediately. Many voice actors find voice acting for online games highly enjoyable and lucrative, but at the start they have had to take on other kinds of voiceover jobs as well. Simply put, don’t hesitate to start from the bottom.

  1. Prepare for fast-paced work.

Voice production for video games can get really busy. According to video game directors, actors need to learn how to cold read, as they could be handed lengthy scripts with very little time to prepare. If you want to join the exciting world of video game voice acting, you have to ready yourself for rapidly moving sessions as the narrative progresses from one part of the plot to the next.

  1. Know the heart and soul of a character.

According to video game production casting directors, not all voice actors have what it takes for video game narration. It is crucial that you learn how characterization works if you want to succeed in this voiceover field. Showing confidence in front of a microphone is just the basic. You need to understand the character whose voice you are conveying in order to channel convincing credibility to your audience.

  1. Be ready for multiple roles.

Don’t hesitate to try other voiceover roles apart from the character assigned to you. Many video games have a myriad of characters in their narration, which may require for you to take on more than one character voice. Try practicing cold reading more often so you can improvise on your voice acting, whenever needed. Production directors appreciate voice actors who are able to immerse themselves in a character, but they also commend versatility in any voice artist.

Clearly, the video gaming industry will see significant growth in the next few years. This also means more video game voiceover opportunities for voice performers. With the right skills, lots of practice, and a good amount of vocal flexibility, any voice actor can succeed in the video game business.