Why Digital Watermarking is Essential for Voiceover Work

When you work as a voice actor, you may be inclined to share your materials online as a way to draw in clients or establish yourself as a professional in the industry. Unfortunately, this can also expose your work to dishonest individuals on the web. Without digital watermarking of your work, anyone can use your voiceovers without paying for your services or at least seeking your permission.

Digital Watermarking for Online Voiceovers

Visible watermarking is a good way for photographers to protect their photos from dishonest or abusive use once the material is shared online. Digital watermarking works on the same principle. You are essentially using a special sound effect to protect your work and make your special, personal stamp audible to the hearer. Thus, anyone who listens to your material will know that it is your work and not someone else’s.

Digital Watermarking Suggestions for a Voice Actor

There are several ways in which you can use this kind of watermarking for your voiceover work, such as:

  • Stating your name at the beginning or at the end of the recording.
  • Adding a beep at any point in the recording.
  • Stating a copyright notice, albeit at a lower volume.
  • Cutting some parts of the material.

Should You Watermark Your Voiceover Work Audition?

Not all professional voice actors agree that an amateur voice actor should digitally watermark his or her recording demo. This may give off the idea that the voice artist does not trust the client.

If you are still trying to attract new clients, make sure that you interact only with those you fully trust. Also, make sure that you save a non-watermarked version of your voice recording, for easy access whenever necessary.

Protecting your Material at All Times

While the Internet has made it easier for people to connect and for materials to be shared in a snap, it has also given scammers more avenues for their illicit activities. Inexperienced voice actors who are careless with the way they share material online are especially susceptible. By using digital watermarking tools to protect your voiceover work, you can share your materials online without exposing them to unscrupulous use.