How Your Website Benefits from a Voiceover Artist

When you hear a person’s voice, not only are you listening to what he or she is saying, but you are feeling something. If you’ve never realized your feelings as you’re listening, don’t worry; you are not the only one. Most people don’t notice that a person’s voice has a powerful effect on them.

The voice has been a major player in advertising for many years. This is why the voiceover industry is so huge. Advertisers know that it’s all in the voice when they are telling people about their products and services.

With all of this being revealed, if you’re an online business owner, you may be interested in adding voiceover on your website. Just like commercials and radio shows do it, websites can benefit in the same way. Actually, websites benefit more from voiceovers.

Benefits of Using a Voiceover Artist on Your Site

It’s relatively a new concept to use a voiceover on a site. When you go to most sites, they do not have this feature. It’s not because it’s not effective, but rather, the effects are unknown. Most people who have been in advertising for many years understand the necessity of them.

When using a voiceover artist on your site, you get the benefits of two types of advertising. You have content people can read, and you have someone they can listen to. You target two types of people who are influenced in different ways. Some people need someone to explain a product or service in real time. Other people want to do it on their own, which is why the Internet has been so successful. Each of these tactics are powerful in itself, but when you put them together, it’s even more effective.

Website owners struggle at times with search engine optimization (SEO). They attempt to add content to their site in hopes search engines view their site as an asset to Internet users. Adding a voiceover on your site can help you with that. When people come to your site, see what you offer, and listen to a voiceover artist, they spend more time on your site and that tells search engines that you must have something very interesting to offer.

Try a Voiceover Artist for Your Site

If you’re looking for someone new to add to your site, try a voiceover artist. You can have the voice played as soon as someone lands on your site or you could have an animated person on your site with the voiceover. Contact me today to discuss more ways you can add a voiceover to your site to increase traffic and conversion rates.