Training to be a Professional Voiceover Talent: How Expensive Is This?

A little investment, when done right, can go a long way. This is no different with professional voice acting. To start earning as a voiceover talent, you have to be willing to put in something first. But how expensive is it to get started in this career?

The answer will depend on how far along you are in terms of professional training and whether or not you have already put up a professional home studio.

Voice training expenses 

A good way to prepare yourself for professional work is to train. Whether you get the services of a voice coach and train behind a microphone or enroll yourself in an hourly online class, you have to be prepared to put in a little expense if you want to polish your craft. The cost, of course, will depend on your location. In New York, for example, you can get a two-weekend voice coaching session for $160. There are also continuing classes and workshops that allow you to stay updated on the recent voiceover styles, trends, and technologies. This will mean training expenses, but if these workshops are meant to give you an edge, they are definitely investments worth making.

Voiceover work studio 

You can do your voiceovers from a home studio, but ‘home-based’ should not mean sloppy. If you want to be treated as a pro, then you have to produce professional work. It’s impossible to create top-notch voice-over results without the requisite equipment and a sound-proofed environment. Working with microphone recordings means that even the slightest noise will be picked up by your mic. Thus, sound proofing should be a priority. For these you have to opt for broadband absorbers and bass traps rather than acoustical diffusors, which are typically installed in concert halls. Diffusors encourage room tone, but what you are looking for is a studio that is ideal for voice-overs not loud concerts. You may be needing expert help on these, which means spending more on other necessary equipment, such as recording software, computer, and mixer.

As in any other field, the voiceover industry requires that you put in a bit of work and money if you want to improve your professional skills. This does not mean to say that you have to spend a fortune to break through as a professional voice-over talent. But the right investment will almost always give you the best returns, no matter which industry you find yourself in.