Top 5 Reasons to Become a Voice-Over Artist

Many will have you believe that the world of a voice-over artist is either not fun or saturated. In truth, choosing to be a voice-over artist is similar to choosing any job. You need to have the motivation, ability and opportunities for it. Of course, that’s what you will read everywhere. Here are 5 fun reasons why becoming a voice-over artist is a fantastic idea.

1 – Who knows who you May Voice

When I first aspired to become a Spanish voice-over artist, I had no idea about who I was going to voice-over. At times, it was a commercial voice-over and at others, it was a serious narration. As time goes on, you never know who you will voice-over or what character you will breathe life, or a voice, into.Who knows, you may be the next popular cartoon sitcom character.

2 – You learn how to be Versatile in Life

Whether you are a commercial voice, king, princess or a cartoon animal, one of the core elements of voice acting is knowing your role well in order to voice it properly. Moreover, you need to know how to go in and out of character as well. As such, you become versatile and learn how to adapt to different situations both using your voice and other skills.

3 – You are paid to have Fun

Possibly the most important reason why I got into becoming a voice-over artist is my desire to have fun. Whether it is a serious broadcast commercial or an energetic production, I loved playing with voices and giving a voice to a myriad of entities. You can imagine how thrilled I get when I am paid for my hard work and dedication.

4 – You Face New Opportunities Every Day

When you’re holding down a desk job, you are tasked with the same thing every day – definitely not what most people want. For me, it was all about new opportunities to earn and prove myself and my voice in virtually every situation – I wanted to be versatile. If you love facing new challenges and rising above them, becoming a voice-over artist is a great idea.

5 – You meet Great People

Whether it is a director, producer, celebrity, fellow voice-over artist or an idol, you get to work with a variety of great people as a voice-over artist. I don’t know about you but it surely surpasses meeting the same people repeatedly for decades.

While becoming a voice-over artist is fun, energetic, social and rewarding, it does require a lot of hard work getting your voice right. If you want to become a voice-over artist, you don’t always need 5 reasons – just one, “I love it.”

For me, becoming “the compelling voice that sells” was not an easy task. However, with hard work, perseverance and a love for what I do, anything is possible. If you need a successful and compelling voice-over artist, feel free to contact me. You will be surprised at what wonders a successful, professional and versatile voice-over artist can produce.

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