The Top Five Voiceover Books for Voice Acting

It can be hard to find information on voiceover that is honest and practical. To help with your research, I have included my reviews of five different voiceover books for those who are looking to get into this career.

The Art of Voice Acting: The Craft and Business of Performing for Voiceover

This book written by James R. Alberger provides you with details about starting a voiceover career. You will learn about acting, hear from other professionals in the voiceover acting industry and learn how to incorporate your own personality into your reads. Included with this book are vocal warmups, tips for caring for your voice, demos, commercial examples and more.

Voice-Over Voice Actor: What It’s Like Behind the Mic

In this book, you will see inside the life of two voiceover professionals as they show you what happens on the other side of the microphone. Learn what goes on in the audition process, gain some tips for reading at maximum proficiency, learn some exercises and warm-ups and how to market yourself from creating your demo, getting an agent and getting that job. This book is organized, well-written and very informative. It provides you with a step-by-step process that makes pursuing a voiceover career both doable and fun.

Secrets of Voice-Over Success: Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It

People in the industry looking to see exactly what it takes to become a professional voiceover actor will want to get this book. It is loaded with different tips and tricks of the trade as well as stories and experiences of people already in the industry. There is something for everyone to learn with lots of great advice from a large selection of industry professionals. Learn how to develop your voiceover talent and gain employment.

More than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success

If you want to shorten your learning curve, you need to learn from the best. The author of this book, Dave Courvoisier, is one of the most brilliant and best around. In this book, you get a jammed pack resource of practical information in tiny bite-sized pieces and will give you a competitive edge in voiceover success when applied. Throughout the whole book you’ll be provided with information from beginning your career as a newbie to invaluable resources for seasoned professionals.

Voice Acting For Dummies

New to the concept of voiceover acting? Think of it like acting, but with your voice. Your voice can be heard on audiobooks, worldwide commercials, documentaries, animated movies, telephone systems, online videos and more. Get your basic know how knowledge of voice acting through this book.

You get step-by-step instructions and a wealth of examples and references on recording, auditioning, marketing yourself, producing voiceovers and more. It should be your very first go-to book when looking into the industry of voiceover acting. Everything is covered from basic skills to making your demo to auditioning and tackling that job.

Purchase one or more of these books today for help with your voiceover career. Knowledge is power, and you’ll definitely get it with these books.