Professional Explainer Video Voiceovers are Ideal

The Importance of Professional Explainer Video Voiceovers

The popularity of video uploading websites like YouTube and Facebook has also increased the audience for explainer videos. Many businesses use explainer videos to introduce their range of products or services, unveil a new offering, or describe a specific business process. To save on marketing expenses, business owners may opt to have one of their marketing people do the explainer video voiceovers themselves.

While this may seem practical, it is not always advisable. Someone inexperienced in voice acting could fail in terms of voice tone, clarity, and inflection. Most importantly, a marketing or sales employee may not necessarily possess what all explainer videos require — a voice that sells the brand. Voiceover professionals, on the other hand, guarantee a more polished and credible recording output. 

Audience Connection

Explainer videos seek to explain something — how a business or product works, the benefits of using a tool or service, etc. The voice acting behind the videos needs to be authentic and to establish a strong connection with the target market. Voiceover professionals understand that the right voice can draw in a bigger audience. This is why professional voice actors for business presentations and explainer vids are a necessary choice.


Someone from the marketing department may be the first choice as an instant voice actor, but are they really trained for the job? Many professional voice acting professionals, on the other hand, offer a wide range of their services online, making them easily accessible. After all, it’s best to leave the sales people to do the things they are better at, and to give the voiceover work to experienced professionals who understand the immense importance of flawless voice recording productions.

Explainer Video Voiceovers Can Enhance Brand Credibility 

An explainer video is essential in establishing or enhancing brand credibility. For instance, if the goal of the video is to compel viewers to purchase a luxury car, a sophisticated voice could help achieve this. An explainer video that sells cosmetics to young women works best with a youthful, flirty voice. All of this can be accomplished with the right voice actor. An experienced voice acting professional will be instrumental to a video that compels both visually and aurally.

At the end of the day, what every business needs is for the videos to persuade their viewers to take action, whether to click on a link, read about a product, or avail of a service. A video that sounds credible and convincing compels its viewers to watch it from beginning to end. And with convincing explainer video voiceovers, the goal is already half-accomplished.