The Difference between Mimicking and Imitating in Voice Overs

When most people hear the words mimic and imitate, they think they are the same. While in most situations, they are used the same, they are not used the same in voice overs. There’s actually a big difference between mimicking and imitating, and you need to know what that difference is when looking for a voice over artist.

Types of Voice Over Narrations: Mimicking and Imitating

Mimicking and imitating are two types of voice over narrations. They both have to do with repeating something, but they differ in how they repeat it. With mimicking, the repetition of something does not need to be done accurately. It’s just sounds like what is being repeated – it’s not exactly the same.

The best example of mimicking is a parrot. A parrot can learn to say what you say, but he doesn’t sound like you. You can still tell it’s a bird that’s speaking your words. Another example is when a comedian or a friend tries to do or say something you do. It’s usually done in a funny way, so it doesn’t usually sound like you at all.

Now that you know about mimicking, you’ll understand how imitating is different. When voice over artists imitate something, they are repeating it exactly how it is in the original. Imitation is much more sophisticated. With imitating, the voice over artist has to copy everything that has to do with what he or she is repeating. That includes the tone, phrasing, sound, motivation and delivery. An example of a voice over doing imitation are those that work as voice matchers. You would be amazed if you could hear voice over artists who imitate. It sounds just like who or what they are imitating.

To recap the difference between mimicking and imitating, mimicking is repeating someone or something, but it does not sound exactly like it. With imitating, the repetition is exactly the same. The same sounds and movements.

How to Choose Between these Two Types of Voice Over Narrations

When it comes time to hire a voice over artist, you will need to know which type of voice over narration you’d like. If you’re not looking for someone to imitate another person’s voice, you should go with mimicking. If you do want the voice over artist to match someone’s voice, you’ll need to seek a voice matcher. By knowing the difference between mimicking and imitating, you will know exactly what you’re getting with a voice over artist.

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