The Best Way to Grow Your Voiceover Business

In order to expand your clientele, you need to learn the best way to grow your voiceover business, right? Right! There are several ways to achieve success. In fact, you probably already market every day without even thinking about it. Every time you mention your voiceover business, you are marketing. Let us get down to business with the following list of ways to market your brand. 

Online Marketing

Before beginning any real online marketing, it is necessary to have a professional website put together for potential clients. This is an excellent method to allow individuals to experience your talent and see that you are serious. Make sure that your demos are current. It would not hurt to build an email list, so you can send out newsletters once a month or bi-weekly. It keeps your name relevant amongst the competition. 

Build relationships on many social media platforms as you can manage. It is instrumental in getting your name out there. Join forums, ask questions, and participate in the ongoing conversations. Allow people to get to know you. Become an active presence in the major social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Networking Events

Attend local networking events to reach out and meet others in the industry. Bring your business cards and demo CDs to hand out. Not only is this a great way to talk with people, but also it is an excellent way to get your name out among other professionals in the business. You can check with your local film and entertainment association for information on upcoming events. 

Build Relationships

If you already have an excellent relationship with a current client, then ask for referrals. Ask for testimonials and publish them on your business website. Stay in touch with your clients to remain relevant in their mind. This helps you build the relationship you already have with them. If you stay in touch, then they will most likely think of you first when a new job pops up. Also, respond quickly to emails from your clients. If you wait 24 hours to respond, then the job may already be gone.  

Cold-Calling Businesses

Even if you do all of the above, cold calling is one of the most effective ways to reach out to clients and find new contracts. Sure, cold calling seems daunting, but keep in mind that the worst anyone can tell you is, “No.”  

Listen to the radio and watch television. Local businesses that already use voice over services are potential clients. Make a list of these and other prospective clients. Start working down the list by calling at least a few of them every single day. It IS that easy. Write the details of every call next to the business name. This method is guaranteed to find you clients if you keep trying every day.  

It’s All About Patience

Be patient. It takes time for these methods to work. However, working to grow your voiceover business every day and learning to be flexible will certainly yield profitable results. The method that works best comes down to personal preference and what is most effective for you.