The Benefits of Uploading Voice Over Demos to YouTube

When most people think of YouTube, they picture people watching funny little clips produced by random people or production companies. They don’t usually think of voice over artists demos being played on it. The truth is that there are many on YouTube. Those voice over artists have discovered that there’s value to using one of the most popular social networking sites online to market their business.

The Power of YouTube – Visibility, Sharing and More

YouTube has millions of viewers worldwide. People are watching videos online more and more every day. There’s something about being able to watch programs on a smartphone, tablet or computer that engages people more than a television now. It’s new, and there so much available right at your fingertips. You can’t deny all the entertainment and information there is available.

All of the people turning to YouTube includes people looking for voice overs. What other place can people go to see demo after demo of different voice over artists? It just makes sense.

Not only is there visibility on YouTube, but there’s also a way to market your demos much easier because of the site. When you upload your demos on the site, you can take the link and share it on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

You can also embed the demos on your website. You can copy and paste the code YouTube provides you to where you want it on your site. This is much easier than uploading the demos to your site for hosting and then figuring out how to place them where you want them to be featured.

All of the sharing you can do can be done by others too. Just imagine someone finding your demo and loving it. He remembers his colleague talking about needing a voice over, so he copies the link to the demo and sends it to his colleague in an email. That colleague loves the demo too and remembers he has some connections on LinkedIn that could use your services. He takes the link and shares it on his LinkedIn feed. His connections find out about you and the next think you know, you’re getting solicitations for work left and right.

Give It a Try Today

There are so many benefits to using YouTube for your demos that it would be a shame not to try it. Simply go to the site, start an account and start uploading. Be sure to include a description and contact information for when people want to offer you a gig. Good luck!