How to Look for a Voiceover Agent

A voiceover agent will identify the best candidates for a voiceover position, and then present them to casting directors, producers, agencies, and companies. An agent can be your ticket to a great gig if you choose someone who will be able to promote your talent and skills in the best light possible.

About Working with a Voiceover Agent

Finding a good voiceover agent can be difficult. You need to pitch yourself to agents and then choose one that finds you just as appealing as you find him/her. To show off your voiceover abilities, you’ll need to produce a:

  • Demo tape
  • Cover letter
  • Acting resume

When you submit these to an agent, he’ll review them and call you if he’s interested in an interview. During the interview, you can expect him to ask you a series of questions about your experience. You can also use this time to learn more about the voiceover agent and the agency he works for.

If you find the voiceover agent can represent you, and he decides you are right for the agency, he’ll likely add you to the “house reel.” This is a CD with other voiceovers on it to show to possible clients.

When a client is interested in you, you’ll need to audition. This can be reading a client’s copy or submitting talent demos. The agent will handle all of the scheduling and fees for the voiceover work. They usually take 10-15% of the cost of the voiceover work for finding you the client. Some voiceover agents will take as much as 20%, so be sure to ask how much the commission will be before you start working with someone.

Finding a Voiceover Agent

The best place to look for a voiceover agent is online. Start with local agencies and then move on to ones farther away from you. Some voiceover agents prefer working with those who can meet in person while others are okay with people faraway.

Another great way to find a voiceover agent is to ask fellow voiceovers. You can then get some useful information about the experience they have had with certain agencies. You’ll hear success stories and nightmares about particular agents, but don’t base working with someone just on those reviews. Take the information and consider everything you’ve heard and read when making a decision. Sometimes, your experience may be completely different.

Get Started Today

Voiceover agents are always looking for good talent. All you have to do is show them your skills. Start researching today to find agents you can send your demo, resume, and cover letter. You may just end up finding an agent who will lead you to the success you’ve been searching for in your voiceover career.