How to Choose the Best Web Address for Your Voiceover Website

Being successful as a voice over artist is a combination of persistence, talent, and setting yourself up to succeed. It also requires a little bit of luck, which seems to favor the prepared. This is why we’re going to discuss how to choose the best web address for your voiceover website. You can possess all the talent in the world in your tiny pinky finger, yet it won’t do you any good if nobody can locate your website.

Simple Guidelines for Choosing a Website Name for a Voiceover Website

What’s in a name?

Essentially, it would be ideal to name your web address (domain) after the name of your voiceover website. It’ll be easier for people to remember your site’s URL (also web address) if it is named after your website. Try using your name if possible. This allows you to stand out above the others.

For example, if your website is named “Janet Johnson Voiceover Artist,” then it might be available as “” If it is not available, then you can play with it a little to come up with something else, like “” or “”

Length matters and SEO

You want people to remember the name of your web address. You have up to 67 characters to work with but aim for a meaningful short URL that includes your site keywords, such as “voiceover,” because it helps your website rank better in the search engines. This is known as “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. Be careful. Don’t stuff unnecessary keywords because Google’s algorithm will penalize your site. Basically, if it doesn’t fit naturally, leave it out.

Differences between .com, .org, .net, etc.

You wanted to secure a “.com” domain extension, but you can only find “.net,” “.org,” and other TLD (top-level domain) extensions. Should you go with a second option or work out a new domain name in order to score a “.com” web address? This one is a matter of preference. Some people swear by using “.com” and others say that it doesn’t entirely matter.

If you select a URL that has anything other than “.com,” then make sure you promote your website with the full name. Instead of using “JJohnsonvoiceover,” use “” every time you advertise it. If you don’t, then people automatically default to “.com” out of habit. Also, if it’s country specific, then you might want to consider using a country-specific domain.

Names with hyphens

Try to avoid using an address that contains a hyphen unless the name you want has hyphens. People are more likely to forget to type in the hyphens when attempting to visit your website.

Similar names

Do a search prior to selecting the name of your voiceover website. If someone has a similar name, then you’ll need to ensure that your voiceover website name is distinctive from theirs. You want to avoid brand confusion and any legal action that might be taken against you due to infringement.