The Power of Voiceover – VoiceOver Technology Helps People with Disabilities

Voiceover has done many things for people. It does not only deliver information, but it also entertains. What many people have not considered is how beneficial voiceover is to people with disabilities.

Ways Voiceovers Help People with Disabilities

For a moment, think about how voiceover works. Many times, it tells a story. If you close your eyes and just listen to the voice, you can create a mental image that is close to what is being shown on the screen. This means that people who are unable to see greatly benefit from voiceovers. They can simply listen to the narration and experience what they are missing from their blindness.

Keeping this in mind, technology now allows us to have the feature of VoiceOver. The Apple Watch is an example of this. It recently released VoiceOver technology, which is honored by The American Foundation for the Blind.

This technology allows people who are deaf to adjust their hearing aid to make it possible for them to hear what is important around them. By tuning the hearing aid with the Apple Watch, people are able to lower background noises. This makes it possible to hear what they want, such as people speaking or music.

Linking Voiceover Technology with Your Work

You may wonder what this has to do with the voiceover industry. The reason this technology is referred to as VoiceOver is that it falls in line with the benefits of voice over. It brings forward what is important from a scene just like voice over artists do with their voice. Voice over artists deliver the sounds that are useful to people, and this technology does the same for people who are hard of hearing.

Feel Proud of Yourself as a Voice Over Artist

It is important to take great pride in the work you do as a voice over professional. You never know who will be listening to your voice. Some of those people may not be able to enjoy the modern conveniences of life or enjoy visual activities without the help of your voice.

Try to remember this as you are working on your voice over projects. It may just give you the motivation you need to make it through those long, grueling sessions when you feel like you do not make much of an impact in life. Your work is powerful, so own it, and let it shine.