Does Voiceover Coaching Make Voiceover Artists a Good Choice?

As you swim in the sea of voiceover talent, you may see there are many voiceovers who state they have had voiceover coaching. While it may seem like a good thing to have experienced, is it really all it is cracked up to be?

The answer to this question is: It depends.

Voiceover coaching can be quite helpful to voiceover artists. Since it can be difficult for artists to identify problems with their voice, a coach provides a good assessment. A voiceover coach also has a toolbox of skills that can be taught to artists, depending on what they need to improve upon.

Whether voiceover coaching is something you should hold in high regard depends on the skills and experience of the coach. Not all coaches are good ones, and that makes the difference when an artist says he/she has had voiceover coaching.

So, how do you know if you should care that someone has had voiceover coaching? The best way to know if it’s a good thing or not is by researching the voiceover coach.

If the voiceover coach is a noteworthy one, you should be able to find information on him/her easily. With the Internet, it’s easy to find people, and then all you have to do is read up on the person. You can even connect on LinkedIn and see if there are any reviews about the coaching he/she offers. If everything seems to check out, it’s likely the voiceover coach is a good one, which means the voiceover talent is likely quite skilled.

Something else to think about is that it takes initiative to seek out a voiceover coach. Those who do it care about their career, or they wouldn’t care about improving their skills with a coach. Just knowing that a talent has had voiceover coaching may be enough to show you that person would be good to work with, even if the coach isn’t one that is as good as the others out there.

What Else You Should Know About Voiceover Coaching

Voiceover coaching is a way for voiceovers to improve their skills. Many artists will seek a voiceover coach because they truly want to develop their abilities, while others simply do it because they want to put it on their resume. Since voiceover coaching isn’t the end all for determining whether you should use a voiceover artist, simply look at what skills and experience the voiceover has and use the voiceover coaching as a bonus. While it can show that an artist is dedicated and has improved, it really doesn’t matter if the artist doesn’t have the qualities you need for the client request(s) you must fill.