What to Look for in a Demo as a Voiceover Agent

If you’re just getting into the industry as a voiceover agent, you probably want to know what you should pay attention to in demos. These demos are your sneak peek into the skills and experience of a voiceover talent. Not catching the important parts of a demo can mean missing out on a really good voiceover artist. This could end up costing you and your agency money.

The following are what to look for in demos to find the best voiceover artist for a project.

#1: Style

Pay attention to the voiceover’s style. If you’re seeking a voiceover talent with the ability to do narration, then pay attention to the demos with those specific samples. For voiceovers that have included many different styles, be sure to keep track of how many of the samples are narrative. Usually, it is better if a talent has more than one sample of a narrative so you can hear differences in types of narratives.

#2: Tone

Audiences demand specific tones from voiceovers. Some prefer a soft, delicate voice, while others want a more excited one. It’s important that a voiceover can change tone depending on what is needed for the project.

It can help to write down the tones you hear while listening to the demos. This way you’ll know which voiceovers have the tones you need when a particular client requests them.

#3: Quality of Demo

A voiceover should provide you with a high-quality demo. This is the first piece of work you’ll experience from the voiceover artist, so it should be great. If the demo isn’t clear and well thought out, it’s likely the voiceover artist may not deliver that type of work.

#4: Hesitations

Normal pauses in speech are natural, but when the pauses become frequent or longer than usual, it could signify fear, lack of confidence or insufficient experience. You want a voiceover artist who has a good sense of control over his/her voice, and the confidence to be able to execute. Keep this in mind as you review demos.

Take Notes and Decide

As you’re listening to the demos, be sure to take notes. The more detailed you are, the easier it’ll be later to choose the voiceover artist you need to fulfill a client’s request. These notes can be used later, as you need more voiceover talent. It’ll save a lot of time too because you won’t have to keep reviewing demos you’ve already looked at.

Take some time as you review your first demos. Soon, you’ll start to understand what you need to pay attention to, and what isn’t as important.