5 Best Places to Find VO Work

Where there is a will, there is a way, especially when it comes to actors finding a new gig. Voice over actors are no different, though it is always helpful to know where to look for new and exciting auditions places to post your demo or other opportunities to find VO work. Below are 5 of the best places to find voice over work, in no particular order.


Voice123 is one of the biggest voice over sites and prides itself on high profile castings including the voice of Skynet for Warner Brother’s Terminator and the announcer for the MTV VMA’s. Some highlights include being able to connect directly with clients looking for VO talent, creating a customized profile page with all your demos, and the ability to find unlimited open auditions.

Find Voice123 voice over job postings here.


Voices.com is another large platform with the ability to post an ad looking for work as well as answer postings trying to find it. Major highlights include the ability to access unlimited auditions, upload an unlimited amount of VO demos, access to SEO tools to boost your rankings in the search results, and free access to eBooks and voice over scripts.

Find Voices.com voice over job postings here.


VoiceBunny is slightly smaller than the first two platforms but does deserve credit for its commitment to keep improving their search algorithms and ability to filter out bad quality, or spammy, posts. The platform also boasts of an average job post turnaround time of 6 hours (with an all-time record of only 4 minutes) and a team to manually screen voice over work for quality control.

Find VoiceBunny voice over job postings here.


While incredibly popular with television and movie actors, Backstage also has a good amount of resources for voice over actors to find new gigs. Since it is not exclusively voice over postings, VO actors can also dip into other areas of performance if they wish.

Find Backstage voice over job postings here.


I know, I know, but here me out. Smaller businesses or one-off projects that don’t have huge budgets often post in job boards like Craigslist. The work may not pay overwhelmingly high but the experience you get is usually a huge win.

Find Craigslist voice over job postings here.

Other popular ways to find VO work include posting an ad online, reaching out to local agencies, and networking as much as you can with as many people as you can. You never know where the next big break will come from!