Essential Voiceover Marketing Tips and Offline Strategies

Effective Offline Strategies for Your Voiceover Marketing Efforts

In this day and time of online voiceover marketing efforts, offline marketing still brings a lot of benefits to voice acting professionals.

Whether it’s attending trade shows, giving CD samples, or participating in charitable, fund-raising events, offline marketing is still a good way to boost voice acting engagement and improve your reach within a local market niche.

Offline Voiceover Marketing Strategies You Can Try

If you are trying to establish your voiceover career both online and within a specific community, the following traditional marketing efforts can be effective.

  • Networking through events. Some of these events may include voice acting shows and product launches where the potential to meet colleagues, clients, and mentors are possible.
  • These offline marketing occasions are also perfect for you distribute your calling cards or get the names of people willing to connect with you online or offline.
  • Media giveaways. Advertisements in local radio or television are a good way to promote your skills and services as a voiceover artist. If you can’t afford a full-length advertisement, you can try distributing relevant giveaways for radio stations to give to their listeners. In exchange, the radio station may give your voice acting business some airtime by way of on-air advertising.
  • Pro bono voiceover work. A good way to connect or reconnect with your local community is to look for a cause you are passionate about. You can contribute to that cause through your voice acting skills.

This offline marketing move can be rewarding on so many levels. Not only will you make a mark as a voice artist who understands the value of giving back; you will also be indirectly promoting your talent as a mature voiceover actor.

A Combination of Online and Offline Marketing Is Best

To answer the question on whether online advertising or offline marketing is the better strategy, there is no strict answer. Offline strategies work best if you are looking to target local voiceover clients.

Nonetheless, the Internet has opened various voice acting opportunities for newbies and professionals alike. Word-of-mouth marketing is effective in traditional, offline markets as much as it is also compelling in online networks. A good strategy is to combine online and offline marketing when it comes to your voiceover career.

And if you are inclined to focus only on web-based promotions, it is best to remember the many benefits that traditional marketing can bring to your voice acting work. Like many things, balance is important, and this wisdom also applies to your marketing methods as a voiceover professional.